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15+ Sea slugs that prove “Aliens” already live on planet Earth

Seeing how much you liked our “Sea Bunny” and “Sea Sheep” post, we decided to dive deeper to see what else is hidden beneath the sea. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the ocean is full cute slugs!

Most of these “slugs” are actually snails that have lost their shells and gained new characteristics through evolution. For example, sacoglossans are sometimes called “solar-powered sea slugs” because they use chloroplasts from the algae they eat in their own tissue.

Vote for your favorite, or if you happen to be a deep-sea diver, post your own pictures below!

#1 Sea Sheep (Costasiella Kuroshimae)

#2 Blue Angel (Glaucus Atlanticus)

#3 Phyllodesmium Poindimiei

#4 Dirona Albolineata

#5 Cadlinella Ornatissima

#6 Janolus Fuscus

#7 Hypselodoris Kanga

#8 Cyerce Nigricans

#9 Sea Bunny (Acanthodoris Pilosa)

#10 Leaf Slug (Elysia Chlorotica)

#11 Lettuce Sea Slug (Elysia Crispata)

#12 Flabellina Iodinea

#13 Janolus Barbarensis

#14 Chromodoris Alius

#15 Hypselodoris Apolegma

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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