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Alien Quantum Computing

Quantum computing was not thoroughly explained or mentioned by press or media, however it is can be described as advanced computing involving multi or inter-dimensional processing that has almost incredible power.

The most powerful circles of American Intel deep inside the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) that development of quantum computing is the only way to mastery over all cryptographics also advanced scientific data analysis, mass intelligence gathering through the Internet and cell phone systems, product/material management, advanced CAD/CAM, cyber warfare and the establishment and maintenance of absolutely bulletproof cyber security.

It is common now that any nation that fully masters quantum computing first will be able to master cyber warfare, cyber defense and dominate any other nation state or even the world and this quest itself alone will likely create a complete end to secrecy between and within nation-states due to the application of this new technology to industry which cannot be kept secret easily or forever.
Quantum computing is also a final stage needed to develop human sized combat robots now that new high tech plasma-based metal parts printing is a reality.

Small quantum based CPUs are considered essential for day to day deployment of stand-alone, self-contained fully functional advanced fighter interceptor aircraft, smart drones with missiles which require no remote operators, devices that can easily become humankind’s worst nightmare, devices that can “see” with 3D and even 4D or 5D sensors and can make decisions that are far beyond “fuzzy logic” circuits and software.

Quantum processors will be supposedly be able to execute high level independent judgments, and be used to re-design themselves, build and add additional micro-circuits and will be deployed to do so.

Some of those who are now working to develop them believe that they will eventually even be able to set up and build their own factories to replicate or improve themselves and be able to operate turn-key manufacturing including their own quantum powered design studio to produce the CAD for CAM manufacturing.

This will lead to that role of human labor may become quite limited and quantum processors and the manufacturing they support could result in the development of whole armies of independently self-controlled combat forces.

It is definitely a concern that there is a possibility of high tech hacking in a multitude of modalities, but quantum computers appear to have the ability to indicate remote access or hacking much easier than other present computer systems.

Quantum computers can be a substitute for the biologically based “super brain” computers that researchers are working with and are alleged to have already gained their own independent consciousness.

And some experts fear that some of these new quantum super computers will be manufactured to have the capability for self-programming and may develop their own agenda to declare and begin a covert war on their owners, which when discovered will be too late to successfully defend against.

The big hold up appears to be the apparent “error rate” that occurs when a byte of information or qubit is processed in more than one dimension at a time.

In fact the error rate is still significantly high, so much so that the value of quantum processors has been limited. NSA is rolling out its new VESUVIUS system at their new massive Utah Data Center.

The question is how far is the research now on Quantum computers technology?

Source: http://locklip.com

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