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All biological life is seeded

Everything that has a biological form has been designed.

The butterfly, the cockroach, the bird, the lion, the moth, the snake, humans… Except for the fatalists, who may think that all that is just came to being by accident and evolution, most people agree, in spite of different religions or beliefs.

Most religions, sects, cults and free thinkers believe there is a divine design to all life on Earth and in the Universe.

The questions is, why do so many people believe in a huge man with long hair and a long, white beard? Because, that’s how “God” (or the “gods”) depicted themselves in the minds of human beings.

The ultimate design of this universe and beyond is created by All That Is, or “Source”; something we have discussed in earlier papers, and Source then created a semi-hierarchy of appointed creator gods.

I say “semi”, because it’s not a strict hierarchy as in,

you take order from me, and you are in charge of them over there, and that’s how it’s done around here!”.

It’s rather a hierarchy of knowledge and the ability to create matter out of light; how to be masters in creating holographic illusions and manipulating DNA, which is not limited to the human body, but continue “spiraling out” over the Universes.

Thus, everything that has a biological form has been designed. Very little has evolved in the manner Dr. Charles Darwin taught us. Humans, for example, have looked the same since we were last genetically manipulated by the Sirian Anunnaki.

The elephant did not evolve out of the mammoth and the mastodon, or the bird from the dinosaur; they are different creations all together. And life did not spring out of nothing. Nothing is random; it’s all been built and seeded with a purpose in mind.

In our case, like mentioned so many times before, the purpose is the Living Library.

Earth’s original creator gods wanted to build life on this planet; both plant, animal and human life; which would be a mix of biological life from hundreds, if not thousands, of planets and star systems around the cosmos. From our perspective, we can look at it as a giant library, where species from near and far can come and study how biological life forms interact and evolve as body/mind/spirit.

It’s a great experiment and the creator gods are very determined to protect their library to the best of their abilities.

Ancient texts speak of ETs, way back in the past, introducing the rudiments for agriculture, animal husbandry, teaching us about astronomy, astrology, and metallurgy.

These are all rudiments to build a civilization on a world such as ours (Pleiadian Lecture, June 6, 2010: “Built on a Mirage”, CD #3, Track 8).

Many of these creator gods, in a joined effort by other alien species, are still watching us and our development today, as we have built this civilization based on the knowledge we gained in the far past. However, in our foolishness, we could more or less have blown ourselves up hundreds of times the last fifty years or so, but these old creator gods, who watch but don’t want to interfere with our development, make sure we are not destroying ourselves, and in particular, this planet.

This is why we see UFOs around manmade reactor blow-ups like the one in Japan in the earlier part of 2011. This is also why we hear of UFOs who have destroyed missiles which have been sent off, but stopped mysteriously halfway to the target.

Creating a civilization like ours was part of the original plan and a part of a normal development on any life-bearing, given planet. There is a time in the development of most intelligent species, where they, as adolescents are playing with their toys and almost destroy themselves and their world in the process.

However, like a separate human grows from adolescence to adulthood, so should we as a species, before we blow each other up.

This is a critical stage in our development, and we, as a humanity, have been unusually asleep during this critical process and let the most destructive adolescents play with the most dangerous tools. Therefore, we who have grown up past this point since long, need to help the teenagers (most of the population) to grow up as well.

There are ETs who have told the highest level of governments that if we want assistance, we need to disarm ourselves; and no weapons in space! When the government or the Media are using the words “atomic energy”, or “nuclear energy”, they are often code-words for “ETs” (ibid.).

Obama, and others before him, manipulated behind the scenes by those (ETs and humans) who are not willing to give the power back to the people, know about this and have actively destroyed underground ET bases; the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico being just one example.

UFOs who have entered our reality have been shut down, cold-bloodedly, and if any survivors, they have either been killed or captured.

All this is, and has been, happening behind the scenes for a long time, and it’s talked about in the Media all the time, but it’s coded. By using terms as “atomic energy”, “nuclear energy/power”, the Global Elite, who “know how to read the Bible” (newspapers), read it very differently than the rest of the people.

For them, the Media are delivering encoded news, and they know how to read between the lines.

A news reporter is telling a story, but the average Joe is hearing one thing, while Mr. Rothschild is hearing another. You have to be initiated to get the real message.

Source: http://locklip.com

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