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Ancient “Laser Cut” caves found in India?

We recently covered the astonishing, and largely unexplained ancient temple, known as Kailash…
which quietly sits within India, a temple cut from a solid rock with such precision… such vision and accuracy, it is feat we would struggle to recreate even to this day.

Clearly demonstrating an ancient, high technology, that has undoubtedly been lost over the millennia.

Could this temple, actually be evidence left by a far older group of people?

A remnant left by a far more advanced civilisation, than that which academia will allow us to publicly discuss, within many modern fields of study.
Within the Barabar and Nagarjuni hills of the Jehanabad district of India, sits another series of rock cut features.
6 Crudely cut caves carved into large stones, which litter the surrounding hillsides, they could be seen as crude and possibly more modern attempts, to re-create what can be found on the top of the hill.

Known as the Lomas Rishi cave, cut into an enormous rock, it is the only one out of the many within the area, which demonstrates a level of refinement which literally boggles the mind.
The only cave in the area that has a delicately cut entrance, but also an interior which has seemingly been protected from the elements, perfectly preserved in its original state.

Source: YouTube | Mystery History

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