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Anonymous christmas cessage: “Warning, you are being distracted”

Over the past week, Anonymous has released a few interesting videos, similar to last Christmas.

It begins by saying:

Life as you know it is a lie, society is a cage, your jobs are voluntary slavery. The television you watch is designed to keep you incapable of critical thought and the very freedom and democracy your leaders claim to stand for is nothing but an illusion.

But what are we being distracted from?

This is true on a level that even most “awake” people don’t understand. Think about every single thing you take for granted in reasoning through your perspective of the world: just how many of the things you believe, do you actually have evidence for? How much of what you think have you reasoned through?

There is no making the above statement contrived: no matter what kind of foolish sounding person spouts the idea that society is a cage, jobs are voluntary slavery, etc. it does not cease to be true.

People of my millennial generation are often raised with a feeling of discordance, a lack of ease and a persistent nagging feeling that something isn’t right. It’s like the scene in the Matrix when Morpheus explains to Neo that, like a “splinter in your mind,” nothing is real.

Why do we have to work for paper notes that are called money? Why does the state force children to attend school at the barrel of a gun, and threaten parents with stealing their children if they don’t attend school or be educated in the state’s vision?

Who are the exact individuals in power of the corporations we look to for food, fuel, transportation, power, water, and everything else?

There are answers to all these questions. The people in power can, to a certain point, be tangibly identified. The men who founded the corporations who currently serve us what we require to survive have names. Of course, further occulted (or hidden) layers of power often exist behind the scenes.

But we come pretty close when we start trying to identify exactly where everything came from, and how. Things get much more clear when we identify who runs things, or at least what figurehead is placed there to take the blame for running things. We get closer to understanding the truth when we break down the beliefs of the people in power, the goals of the people in power, and the occult (hidden) religious agenda of the people in power.

Even more to the point, what is the most happy way for a human being to live? What really leads to what will satisfy us individually to the deepest level? If you can spot manipulative behavior in an individual, just apply that intuition to the propaganda we are fed from the television and recognize the manipulation there. What are they trying to manipulate people into believing?

They are trying to manipulate people into believing in a religion of materialism: a religion of endless, insatiable consumption, of hedonism, of crabs in a bucket.

Why do they care so much about our ability to shape the future being disabled? It’s because our very pursuit of humble, regular human happiness and freedom is a threat to the enslavement they have us trapped in. They must keep us inundated with the lies, constantly insatiably searching for a pleasure that doesn’t exist or we would recognize the bullsh*t that is “modern life.”

See, this isn’t just a regular government/corporate power thing. This is an occult agenda, a religiousagenda to dominate the people of this planet. It must be seen in that context, because that’s what the people in power truly believe. If you want to explore why, one must look at the work of a researcher such as Mark Passio or Jason Christoff.

Reading from a recent post by Jason Christoff:

These would be the people paid to imprint your brain with Egyptian based symbolism, the symbolism of your human farmers, because humans mimic as their primary form of learned behavior and our social engineers want to initiate you into their cult, based on that human mimicry. They know your mind is designed to copy the behavior you see, so they intend to imprint into your mind their ancient religion, using screen and print media. Any “hero” paraded in front of you today has been hand picked because of their stupidity and their willingness to follow orders, as long as they’re given fake paper money, so they can buy some “stuff”. Reject any and all hero worship of the cult and the cult members.

2017 is complicated. On one hand, people of all walks of life are becoming aware that everything is a lie. On the other hand, those who are brainwashed, which is an incredibly massive amount of people, are more out of their minds than perhaps anyone has ever been. We are simultaneously going through hell and enlightenment. It’s not easy to tell whether we are blessed or horribly cursed.

If you saw the Anonymous video and are searching for some deeper level truth, check out Mark Passio. His work is more relevant today than perhaps any other person in his field of research. There are many more out there like him.

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