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Are We An Alien Experiment?

You are created by aliens. The world is seething with hundreds of legends on extraterrestrial origin of the human race.

For thousands of years, year in and year out humans have believed in the existence of a certain deity that breathed life into a cold and empty space.

The emergence and development of science has considerably reduced the number of followers that the theory of divine origin used to have.

At the same time not everybody would readily consider oneself to have evolved from apes.

So who are we and where do we come from?

Scientists keep investigating how the universe emerged but all they get is new questions rather than answers.

Still even scientific facts occasionally lead us to believe that all forms of life on the planet were created by some higher intelligence capable of overcoming cosmic distances and seeding the entire universe with life.

that results in numerous theories each of which has the right to exist

Life could not have sprung into being out of nothing. Just think our planet had to be located at a certain distance from the Sun, have an atmosphere to protect its surface from radioactivity, and develop a favorable environment for living organisms.

Some will surely claim it to be pure coincidence. But do you believe in coincidences?

Source: Ridddle

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