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Artifact “made in zero G” falls from UFO?

In the Museum of the Unexplained in Reeds Spring, Missouri, a rather peculiar artifact can be found.

Known as the Bob White artifact, bob was driving with a friend down a Colorado highway one night in 1985, when they would both experience, a close encounter.

As the craft flew over Bobs head according to Bob, it dropped him a gift, an object which has caused Bob numerous issues.

Quote, ”I don’t know about you, but as for me, every time I hear people from “Skeptic Magazine” lying through their teeth, it makes me sick. “

“They say they have never seen any hard evidence of UFOs.”

This is only true because they refuse to look at this, a piece of a UFO.”

“So the next time you see the “Skeptic Magazine” people on Larry King, or some other tv program, saying “there is no physical evidence,” “you will know they are lying.”

“I have challenged them to debate me but they are afraid!”

“So “Skeptic Magazine,” you have been exposed for the fraud that you are.”

That was a statement made by Bob White in the late nineties.

Source: Mystery History

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