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Astronauts trolling flat-earthers

ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst and NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman under the command of Russian cosmonaut Maxim Suraev rocketed into space in a Soyuz spacecraft. This was their voyage.

For Alexander and Reid it was the first time they saw Earth from space.

Strapped atop 274 tonnes of rocket propellants delivering 26 million horsepower, it took only six hours to reach their destination, International Space Station.

Alexander worked as a geophysicist and volcanologist before he was selected as an ESA astronaut in 2009. His Blue Dot mission included an extensive scientific programme of experiments in physical science, biology, and human physiology as well as radiation research and technology demonstrations. All experiments make use of the out-of-this-world laboratory to improve life on Earth or prepare for further human exploration of our Solar System.

Source: VlogLikeNoOnesWatching and European Space Agency, ESA

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