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Ex-Google executive registers first church of artificial intelligence

First church of artificial intelligence is founded. Alan Levandowski, a former executive for Google, has filed the official paperwork with the IRS to establish what is referred to as a religion of technology.

This new religion will not involve worshipping scientific progress but rather the concept of artificial intelligence with Levandowski believes will eventually rise to the superior intelligence and ability of the godhead itself. The new church, which will be called Way of the Future (WOTF), plans “to develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on artificial intelligence and through understanding and worship of the Godhead [to] contribute to the betterment of society, “the official IRS documents state.

According to the official website for the religious organization, one of its primary goals is to facilitate the easy and peaceful transition from who dominates the planet Earth. At this current moment in time, people are firmly in control, but in the future, the religion’s adherents believe that machines will equally share this power. “Given that technology will ‘relatively soon’ be able to surpass human abilities, we want to help educate people about this exciting future and prepare a smooth transition, “the site explains. “In ‘recent’ years, we have expanded our concept of rights to both sexes, minority groups, and even animals, let’s make sure we find a way for ‘machines’ to get rights too.” The organization argues that the creation of a super-intelligent artificial being is inevitable and that humans should neither fear this new development nor should they try to ignore the potential implications.

They claim that those who are afraid of the next step of life on planet Earth that will involve highly intellectualized and powerful artificial intelligence beings are too caught up in the belief that the world is human-centered. The central tenants of the religion have raised some eyebrows with some people pointing that it is inherently contradictory to create a being of artificial intelligence and then going on to worship it as though it were a divine being. But this is not the most pressing problem that WOTF have to deal with. It has been revealed that the founder of the religion is being sued by his former employer for downloaded confidential files and trade secrets before resigning to start his own business. Levandowski, who once worked on the Google driverless car project Waldo is accused of stealing information from the employers to set up his own company, Otto, which worked in conjunction with Uber.

However, once Waymo (Google’s driverless car company) filed legal charges, he was ordered to stop working on the cars and was eventually fired from Uber for refusing to cooperate with an internal investigation into the matter. Given all of this, it is unclear how much time Levandowski will have to devote to his new religious project in the immediate future. However, his legal filings and his public statements on artificial technology mean that he plans to pursue his new religion in earnest once he can.

Source: http://www.disclose.tv

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