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Impossible “alien crystal” found in meteorite?

Has ancient, alien technology finally been discovered within Russia?

According to several talented ufo enthusiasts, along with a number of scientists, who had previously postulated to this very scenario, that is exactly what has happened.

A team from Princeton University in America, and the University of Florence in Italy, have discovered a quote “quasi crystal,” — so named because of its unorthodox arrangement of atoms, — found within a meteorite from a remote region of north-eastern Russia.
This crystal, long thought impossible to be formed naturally, due to being too energetically unstable, and atomically manipulated.
When the team discovered that the meteorite contained this mysterious, ancient, intelligently designed material, they merely moved the goal posts, simply stating that it can indeed be formed naturally.

Technically, scientists describe quasi crystals as quasi periodic, being manually ordered, no longer found on the periodic table.

Source: Mystery History

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