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It has already begun, and been going on for years!

An interesting video was posted by Amplex YouTube channel.

YouTube user “Comfortably Numb” replied:

“This very real and VERY scary! We are all owned and we have NO SAY! We are in big trouble people and so many people just go about their day, completely oblivious to what is going on right in front of them! It is time to wake up and do your research! The times ahead are going to get worse! I don’t even think we can stop it! Doesn’t matter where we go either because even if you are away from cell phone towers where signals can come from, there are smart boxes at the sides of people’s houses that can send signals as well! These signals can fry us or it can change our DNA in seconds! This is NOT science fiction!!!”

Watch the video and tell us your opinion”

Source: Amplex

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