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Lost ancient super civilization found in Japan?

There are many enigmatic, enormous ancient ruins that can be found within Japan.

Super megaliths, so old, a number of the largest have eroded away to a state of un-recognition.
An archaeological Site which at the time of its life, would have undoubtedly dwarfed nearly all other civilizations upon earth, a civilisation which far outstretches the modern urban sprawl of the Japanese coastlines.

A lost super civilization, responsible for the construction of numerous pyramids found throughout the landscape. Some of which, are said to lay beneath several metres of earth, which has slowly consumed them over the millennia.

Amongst these curious ruins are extremely perplexing, apparently sliced megalithic stones, pyramidal cap stones, and also, like many places dotted around the world, legends of giants.
One of the many things Japanese culture, has become renowned for over the centuries, is their ability to create swords…

Source: YouTube | Mystery History

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