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Melting rocks with ancient technologies

At a lot of ancient megalithic sites, we see proof that ancient civilizations knew how to adjust rocks in order to fit their complex building schemes. ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS USED ULTRASONIC SOUND TO MELT ROCKS We often think that these complex rock buildings were build by using alien technologies, but if we research these ancient sites, we see signs of forgetton technologies. Did you know that you could melt rocks using simple techniques that were known by the ancient ones?

Cutting rock using high frequencies or high temperatures may answer a lot question we have, when we look at ancient building sites as teotihuacan or Puma Pumku. Another technique that was possibly used is ultasonic sound. By using ultrasonic sound ancient civilizations were able to cut to solid rock like butter. That way it would be easy to create the intricate formations at Puma Pumku or Teotihuacan.

Source: http://www.disclose.tv

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