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‘Millennium Falcon’ UFO snapped beaming across skies

The first sighting of a strange series of lights, up to 180 metres across, was said to have resembled the back of the fictional Rebel Alliance craft while in flight.

It was seen by four people on Cony Island, near New York, and has been reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) official database.

Roger Marsh, of UFO website Openminds.tv, said: “A New York street photographer driving to Coney Island reported capturing a disc-shaped object while taking ‘rapid fire images’ of a bridge.

“The witness was with three friends on their way to pick up another friend.

The photographer, who has not been named, said: “I always carry my camera with me. At the time I shot with a Fujifilm XT1 and had it on machine gun mode for rapid shots.”

We were passing by the bridge as I decided to just rapid fire some shots of the bridge free hand and I did not have my eye sight in my view finder.”

“They don’t half look like the Millennium Falcon before it blasts into warp speed.”
(Online viewer of the images)

“What caught my attention was a sudden string flash at the corner of my eye, kind of like lightening but in the distance. At that moment I took my finger off the shutter and reviewed my photos from the rapid fire when I came across the object.”
The witness does not believe the object was visible for very long.

He added: “The object moved at such speed that I only had it in the frames for about maybe a second or two. It’s also moved from the front of the bridge to out of the frame in that small amount of time.

MUFON New York State section director Lillian Waters and field investigator John Reinhart investigated the case, filing a report stating: Although not visible to the naked eye, one picture revealed a disc-like object with a dome shaped top.

The object was very large – possibly 300 feet in diameter – and appeared to have bright yellow-orange external lights.”

A more recent image was captured on October 10 in the sky above the Tenayuca Pyramid in Mexico.

Another elongated object which appears to have a light at the rear is seen in the sky near what looks like a plane.

One viewer of both “UFOs” said: “They don’t half look like the Millennium Falcon before it blasts into warp speed.”

Source: http://locklip.com

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