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Mysterious multi-branched upward “ground-to-cloud” lightning filmed

This amazing lightning blazed from the ground to the clouds during severe weather in Oklahoma City on May 18, 2017.Mysterious lightning emanating from the ground and striking into the clouds has been seen in Oklahoma City and has been photographed and recorded by numerous witnesses.

The odd lighting has many witnesses baffled, most have never seen the ground to sky lightning ever before. And the phenomena is said to be very uncommon, although does occur in nature from time to time.

Upside-down lightning strikes are yet another curious twist in the tale. These strikes, which appear to form frequently at the tops of tall towers, can burst through the clouds and reach atmospheric heights of up to 90 kilometers.

“Ground-to-cloud lightning strikes have been observed since the 1930s, but it is only recently, with the growing use of wind turbines, that it has become a real concern.” – Aleksandr Smorgonskiy,a doctoral student at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.


In a normal strike, the negative ions from the cloud rush downwards and meet the positive ions rushing upwards. In an upside-down strike, the positive ions rush upwards far quicker, forming an electrical “circuit” with the clouds and the upper atmosphere.

Sources: Max Olson Chasing | YouTube

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