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Pool of “liquid mercury” neneath Teotihuacan?

Most recently, we discussed the impressive amount of “Electrical material” found within the numerous pyramids that dot the site, known as “Mica,” a notorious modern day electrical insulator, that’s physical origins, were found to have been from a quarry over 3200 km away! Within Brazil.
When Spanish explorers first visited the area, they asked the Aztecs who built these marvellous buildings, the Aztecs replied that it was “The Quinametzin,” a quote, “race of giants, who came from the heavens in the time of the second sun.

It is clearly a site of tremendous importance regarding lost knowledge here upon our planet. Knowledge which could have been left within our very distant past.
And now an 8-year project has discovered a secret tunnel, beneath the third largest pyramid within the area…

Source: Mystery History

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