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Re-Opened” Escape from Area 51 J-Rod the inside Story!

One Of My Favorite Presentations By Friends At Openmindedtv! This historically significant account of human/ET contact allegedly took place at the super-secret S4 facility located 12 miles south of Area 51. Also included are details drawings of the flight simulator on level B, along with a very accurate schematic layout of the cafeteria, file department, communications, and transportation logistics to the facility.

The people say:

“I’ve always believed Bob Lazar when I first saw him disclosing s-4″

He’s one if not the greatest heroes of mine of all times. One day he will get the Nobel Peace price for starting the disclosure together with all that followed including the Canadian guy that intercepted the Tether incident, as of all the Officers and intelligence servicemen that contributed the national press club and Dr Steven Greer who made it all possible. – Galactic

“23 years of my life wasted on all these bullshit stories, every researcher speaks so matter of fact on info they can’t begin to prove is true, how many plans of so-called underground facilities get branded about? The comment he made on the I Want To Believe poster was enough for me, you all think that the government’s are hiding your fantasy craft and fantasy beings, when it is, in fact, their agenda or the elite of the world’s agenda to actually promote this stuff, they are responsible for getting you to look into the stars and wonder what’s out there, movies, comics, books, art, music and just about anything you can be programmed by is used, bluebeam might now never happen, we live under a dome nothing gets out nothing gets in.” – Jamie

What do you say?

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