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The most horrifying theories of mankind’s existence

We evolved from a lesser being, developed consciousness, formed civilizations, invented tacos and here we are. The Roko’s Basilisk theory doesn’t concern how mankind came into existence or how it exists today, but rather how it’s existence may end. This theory is based on the assumption that everything that makes humans feel human can be found within that pink squishy thing inside your skull. Your soul, your consciousness, your sense of existence; all of these are basic functions of a working human brain.


Even if the brain in a vat theory is incorrect, it’s still possible that we are being manipulated and surveilled by a race whose presence we cannot detect. The Great Filter is a theoretical sieve which will determine whether humanity continues, or becomes extinct. Being the blissfully ignorant playthings of an alien life-form may seem quite scary, and so might the idea that humanity is approaching some kind of biological firewall.

Source: Strange Mysteries

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