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This discovery could be the creation of everything!

Through all the lies and deceptions, there is one common denominator that remains the source of all things, and this is where it gets really exciting.

Sound and resonance the common links of creation.

Modern science tells us that we live in an electromagnetic universe, everything spins and vibrates,but I’d like to correct that, I’d like to say that it’s not an electromagnetic universe, it’s a magnetic electric universe, it’s a very big difference between the two.

And again it’s a small little subtlety, but it’s a very important subtlety, because magnetism is a thing that rules the universe, not electricity.

Sound, magnetism, electricity, and you’ll see how this chain reaction causes everything that we observe, when we look up at the night sky or the nature around us .

Everything in creation spins and vibrates, everything has its own prime reason and frequency, everything, and this is why once we can identify a prime reasons frequency of a bacterium, or an atom, or whatever it is, or a soccer field, we can then manipulate that that that object with a spry resonance frequency

Sudden resonance, common links of creation and religion.. and Christianity it’s the word. Hinduism it’s um .. the Egyptians believed the universe was some integration…

Source: Amplex | YouTube

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