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Time traveler from 4932 reveals future president

This video tells the story of a man claiming to be from the Year 4932 he talks about a future president of the US and gives amazing details about the future.

I reside in the Year 4932 my name is irrelevant related to my motive for this communication.
I am sending you this recording on my own regard this message was proposed by myself to my authorities but it was only deemed to be unsafe.
I do not believe it to be unsafe I believe it to be necessary.
I live in a time and a world that many of you would likely not relate to as ideal. I certainly do not.
Time journey has destroyed our will for ambition. Bit by bit, future years are dwindling.
When attempting to journey to a future year in which we have previously journeyed upon…”

Listen the entire video and decide for yourself:

Source: ApexTV

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