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Time traveller who Wwent to the year 2749 reveals all…

Time traveling has always fascinated writers, musicians, scientists, and other people. However, the idea that one could travel to the future and to the past seems unrealistic.

A respectable physicist, Stephen Hawking, claims that time travel is impossible and unrealistic. There are also several paradoxes that deny the possibility of time travel. Albeit scientists claim how time travel is impossible and unrealistic, there are people out there who claim they experienced time traveling.

One of those people who claim they have been time travelers is Al Bielek. He claims that he has been to the year 2749 together with his brother, Duncan. The brothers claim they traveled to the future in 1943.

The story of two time traveling brothers starts in 1943 aboard the USS Eldridge, the most advanced naval ship of that time. There are stories that the USS Eldridge could teleport itself around the world and time travel.

The brothers have had it enough aboard the USS Eldridge so they decided to jump off the ship. Instead of landing in the ocean, the brothers landed in the year 2137! Later, Al time traveled to the year 2749.

After spending several weeks in the year 2137 together with his brother, Al said that he somehow traveled to the year 2749 leaving his brother behind.

The world wasn’t controlled by various governments but it was controlled by artificial intelligence system. The artificial intelligence system could communicate with people via telepathy. The society in 2749 was living in socialism.

This is what the brothers experienced and saw in 2137:

Source: https://hygo.com

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