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Today we sent a message to aliens on a nearby “Super earth” and they could respond by 2042

Humans have tried to make contact with aliens on a planet that is Earth-like by sending them a mixtape.


Scientists sent a message out to aliens on from 16 October to 18 October via radio waves and they sent it nine different times in the hopes that someone will hear the message and reply. But just what did they say to any life out there that may be listening?

The message consisted of thirty-three musical pieces, each of which was only 10 seconds in length. Along with the music was a tutorial on how time is kept by human beings and when humans will listen for a response back. The scientists sent the message to an exoplanet nearby with the name of GJ 273b and this is a planet that is called Super Earth. It is more massive than Earth and lies within the habitable star of the star. Scientists have said that the planet is a good candidate for alien life.


This is the first radio message of this kind that has been designed by scientists to get a direct response and at a specific time. GJ 273b is said to be in another star system that lies 12 light years away from Earth. If alien life were to respond back at the time suggested in the message then the first contact with aliens could be made in just 24 years.

This artist’s impression shows an imagined view of the three planets orbiting an ultracool dwarf star just 40 light-years from Earth that were discovered using the TRAPPIST telescope at ESO’s La Silla Observatory. These worlds have sizes and temperatures similar to those of Venus and Earth and may be the best targets found so far for the search for life outside the Solar System. They are the first planets ever discovered around such a tiny and dim star. In this view one of the inner planets is seen in transit across the disc of its tiny and dim parent star.

HAWKING BELIEVES HUMANS SHOULD NOT TRY CONTACTING ALIENS However, not everyone is happy about the prospect of contacting alien life. Stephen Hawking, for example, gave chilling advice when he said that he thinks that aliens could kill the human race off if we told them where we lived. Hawking believes that humans should be hesitant about contacting aliens. He was talking about the super-Earth that has been discovered with the name of Gliese 832c, which was said to possibly be able to support life. Hawking said that it would be very unlikely that any alien life out there would be happy to hear from humans or want to make friends with them. So with this in mind, we perhaps have just 24 years before aliens will come to destroy Earth or kill of the human race and take it over.


Source: http://www.disclose.tv

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